Verschillende maten Alpos kisten Gefken


Aluminium boxes – Alpos

The aluminium boxes from Alpos have been developed through experience, a lot of research and modern processing technology. This makes the aluminium boxes perfect for storing and transporting valuable and fragile products. The boxes are perfect for industrial use. They are lightweight and elegant, without compromising the strength of the box.

Alpos boxes are robust transport boxes made of 1 mm thick aluminium sheets, fitted with durable stacking corner pieces. They are superior in safety and economically efficient use of space. In types D163 and D415, the base and lid are also extra reinforced with aluminium rods.

In our factory, it is possible to fit these boxes with an interior made of, for example, foam. In this way, your products remain perfectly protected and the interior also exudes professionalism. We can also provide the outside of the crates with a type of plate. This makes it possible to personalize the crates with a text or serial number, for example.


  • For temperatures between -40 °C and +180 °C
  • Resistant against corrosion, weather conditions and temperature changes
  • Four stacking corner pieces made of nylon/polyester
  • Protection against hinge damage
  • Protection against external influences such as dust and water
Verschillende maten Alpos kisten Gefken
Brede aluminium alpos kisten van Gefken cases