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When you are looking for a solution to pack, transport or present a product, a tailor-made flight case is a good solution. But what actually is a flightcase? Some people think of a flightcase as a black box where rock bands transport their equipment. However, flightcases can also be used in other industries. Gefken focuses with its G2 Flightcases on very different applications such as packaging for medical equipment and heavy industrial products. Read all about it in this article.

What is a flightcase?

A flightcase is a type of packaging that is especially designed to transport products safely. Characteristic features of flightcases are the aluminium profiles and steel corners. The materials used for flightcases ensure a robust packaging, which is important when transporting (sensitive) equipment or products.

Sometimes people think that a flight case is the best packaging solution, but after a consultation it appears that another type of packaging would be more appropriate. A plastic case from Sentinel or an aluminum case such as the Gefken Basic, for example.

A custom flight case for different industries

A custom made flight case is used in various industries, the event industry is perhaps the best known. But custom flightcases are also used in the business world and industry. For example, in the medical branch, the maritime and energy sectors. This is precisely where the expertise of Gefken Cases lies.

For example, in the medical sector, medical equipment is shipped worldwide in flightcases. For industry, we make custom flightcases for tools and instruments that are used on the shop floor or in ports and factories. But we also produce flightcases for the presentation of (industrial) products or as housing for equipment that is built in (mobility solutions/integrated systems).

Making flightcases 

The interior plays a major role in flightcases. It is important that the products are well positioned, fixed and protected, but also that the layout of the flightcase is practical and efficient. When making flight cases, we at Gefken Cases always work from the inside out. We start with the interior and work out the packaging from there. Naturally, we include your wishes and requirements in our solution-oriented custom work. No flightcase is the same with us, it is always customized to the purpose of the customer. Whether it is a custom flight case for a medical product, components that require low-vibration transport, components from the aviation industry, industrial X-ray equipment or large touch screen monitors. Our product engineers have a broad experience in the development of packaging for various industries.

Working method to have a flight case made to measure

When you want to have a flight case made to measure, it is good to think about how it will be used and what is important in daily use. For example, is it convenient if there are wheels or does the flight case have to be closed in a certain way? Perhaps you are looking for a flight case with removable drawers so you can easily present the products. The experts at Gefken Cases are happy to think along with you during an intake.


The goal of the intake is for us to get a good idea of what you want. In addition, we immediately give you advice about the possibilities and the various flight case components. The purpose of our tailor-made flight cases is that they also make your work easier and more efficient. A number of questions that come up during the intake for a custom flight case:

  • What do you wish to pack?
  • What is the weight and size of the products?
  • How fragile are the products?
  • What do the flightcases have to radiate?
  • Under what circumstances will the custom flightcases be used?
  • For what purpose are the flightcases used?
  • What is the required number of flightcases?

The answers to these questions give us more information, which enables us to advise you better. For example, (only) a foam interior will not suffice for a very heavy product, but because we produce everything ourselves, we can develop the most complex packaging solutions. Because some solutions are only interesting for larger quantities, a realistic estimation of the required number of flightcases is important.

Design and quotation

After the intake, a product engineer gets to work to create a fairly detailed technical drawing. Using 3D animations we then show you the final product as we envision it. Usually most images are of the interior of the flight cases so you can get a good idea of the solution. At Gefken Cases, the product comes first so both the 3D image and the quotation are offered without any further costs.

Prototype flightcases

After receiving the quotation it is possible to have a prototype made. This way, you can be sure that the product in serial production will meet your wishes and possible adjustments can still be made beforehand. A prototype of your custom made flight case prevents unnecessary costs afterwards.

Production and delivery of custom flightcase

After approval of the prototype, or possibly after a few minor changes, the actual serial production starts. After that, you can start using your custom flight case. In our portfolio, you can find a small selection of custom made projects that we have already completed.

Materials flightcases

Our flightcases come in two varieties: the G2 Flightcase and the G2 Flightcase Light. For both flightcase types, we use high-quality materials, but in different thicknesses. The G2 Flightcase has an aluminum profile of 2 mm thick with plate material of 10 mm thick in total. With the G2 Flightcase Light, the profiles are 1.2 mm thick and the plate material is a total of 6 mm thick.

For the plate material you can choose from birch plywood 9 mm with the G2 Flightcase or MDF 5 mm with the G2 Flightcase Light, with a top layer of HPL (High Pressure Laminate). Standard we use a light grey HPL, but of course the well-known black, or any other color, HPL is also possible. If weight saving is important, black lightweight plastic honeycomb sheets can also be chosen.

Anodized aluminum profiles

The aluminum profiles used for the G2 Flightcase and G2 Flightcase Light are anodized. Anodizing gives the profiles a matte, satin shine that protects them from scratches. In addition, it feels less rough than untreated aluminum profile and the aluminum no longer gives off black. This contributes to a more luxurious appearance of our flight cases.

Traditionally, flightcases are often black, but the color we use most is light gray. This light grey HPL top layer gives our flightcases in its entirety a more luxurious appearance. Of course, our flightcases can be delivered in every desired color. Also a specific look and possible printing are among the possibilities.

Difference in use

When it comes to shipping heavy products worldwide, one rather chooses the G2 Flightcase. For smaller sized flight cases or cases that are transported with our own transportation, the G2 Flightcase Light is often sufficient. Of course, we are happy to advise you on this. The use of the flightcases also determines the choice for built-in locks, hinges and handles or mounting hardware.

Flightcases as presentation cases

At Gefken, we believe that a custom flight case should not only be robust and protect your products, the flight cases should also look sleek and representative. Traditionally, flight cases were produced with pop rivets on the aluminum profiles. A labor-intensive process in which a rivet was visible every 10-15 cm. During the development of the G2 Flightcase and G2 Flightcase Light, we immediately opted for a connection by means of gluing. This way you don’t feel and see the connection and moreover, research at TU Delft has shown that our glued connection is also much stronger than the traditional riveted connection.

Advantages of a made-to-measure flight case

With our customized flight case, you are sure that you have the best packaging solution for your product and that your wishes are central. In addition, you do not have to have any knowledge of flightcases because you hire the help of experts. With a custom flight case you have a solid and durable packaging, where your products are well protected and conveniently packed.

Gefken Cases unburdens you when making flightcases

The professionals of Gefken Cases have a lot of technical knowledge and years of experience in designing and producing flightcases. So you don’t have to think about dimensions, but go with us to find the best solution for your packaging or transportation problem. We are happy to help you when you are looking for a solution to pack, transport or present your products. Please contact us for more information on the possibilities of flightcases.


One aspect of these flight cases is clear. Gefken Cases does not shy away from a challenge. So do you need a special packaging that suits your product? Feel free to contact us for more information and discover the possibilities. No case too difficult!