Do you wish to present your products in a distinctive way? With the EDGE you really stand out. Whatever you want to present. You present your products professionally and distinctively in an EDGE. The curved aluminium profile is unique and provides the exclusive look. Would you like the aluminium profile in a specific RAL colour and the panels in the colour of corporate identity with your logo on them? That is possible! Or how about an exclusive wood veneer top layer in combination with aluminium profiles that have the appearance of robust bright steel? Or a fully gold-coloured case? With the EDGE you have something unique in your possesion!

EDGE. The signature case.

With the EDGE we have one of the most exclusive custom made case ever on the market. The EDGE is our signature case. In the base, your products are perfectly located in a foam interior and in the lid, perhaps a full-colour scene or even a video module. A video module that starts playing the moment you open the case at the customer’s premises. In this way, your product presentation is supported visually, and the unique selling points of your products are brought to your clients attention.

From cosmetics to facade cladding.

Together with the EDGE, we ensure that your products are presented perfectly. We like to think along with you. Whether it is about launching a cosmetics line or convincing architects to work with your facade cladding or other materials. The EDGE is always unique, stylish, elegant and tailor-made for your presentations.

Gefken Koffers EDGE | EDG_000014.07
Gefken Koffers EDGE | IMG_0085_clipped_rev_1
Gefken Koffers EDGE | IMG_0408_clipped_rev_1