Application and industries

Gefken. Strong in every industry.

Gefken prodcuts are seen in all kinds of industries. In usual and unusual situations. Like a sales manager that presents a new cool drink using the Gefken Basic with a cooling complement. Or an account manager who creates a higher attention level on a product introduction using the Economy Line suitcase as an incentive.

Be seen on the workplace

Technical industries also like to see Gefken suitcases. Like the water- or geometry expert that brings his measurement equipment to the field with a Sentinel suitcase. Or think of the employees of big insurance company that are able to work flexibly in a wooden look thanks to a GefkenPlus?

From arts to transport

Even the Van Gogh Museum offers explicit Van Gogh Relievo’s in a custom made Gefken Basic suitcase. Of course Gefken also stands its ground in the transport industry with the sturdy Gefken Flightcases or wit the water and dust resistant Sentil. In short; whatever industry you work in, Gefken has the solution.


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