Integrated solutions

Dynamically on the way along with Gefken.

Work is becoming more and more dynamic. Auditors, inspectors, service technicians and account managers; nowadaysYellow-Sentinel-with-Cutouts-(ROUTINGS) they often work with a laptop or a mobile device like a tablet. Gefken designs and manufactures solutions to help your employees to be fully prepared.

Unprecedented opportunities

Whether it is a suitcase with built-in biometric control system, a suitcase from which access cards are issued with photo, or a case for metering devices deployed in the field; all is possible at Gefken. We even provide suitcases with a GPS system when the complete equipment must be traceable. We also develop suitcases with solar panels to provide energy equipment or suitcases with built-in laptop and connected peripherals. Your employee flips open his suitcase and can get started right away!

Gefken’s many possibities

Whether the solution you choose should be performed as Flightcase, presentation case or trolley, just like you, Gefken likes to think in possibilities rather than impossibilities. Therefore, we develop and manufacture almost all of our cases, Flightcases, packaging or transport cases ourselves. Our extensive program also offers solutions for any industry and any application.

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