Medical industry

Gefken. More for the medical sector.

All our products are suitable for the packaging and transportation of high-quality, expensive precisionflightcase_klein_rood_open_k_cmyk equipment. Also medical equipment, fully assembled and carried in a suitcase or Flightcase, and must be able to be used immediately after a lengthy transport to the place of destination. Or expensive components, for example, a CT-scanner or other equipment.

Better for the medical industry

Obviously, we match the interior of the suitcase or Flightcase perfectly to your equipment, so that the exterior of the equipment and the sensitive components inside are protected properly. Whether it is one or several suitcases, goes flightcases or plastic suitcases, the possibilities are endless.


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Gefken’s many possibilities

Whether the solution you choose should be performed as Flightcase, presentation case or trolley, just like you, Gefken likes to think in possibilities rather than impossibilities. Therefore, we develop and manufacture almost all of our cases, Flightcases, packaging or transport cases ourselves. Our extensive program also offers solutions for any industry and any application.

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