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Gefken packings in their best form

Pack and transport your valuable equipment in a practical, stylish and safe way with Gefken. Sensor_k_CMYKOur transport solutions are designed to your wishes, like a perfect fitting form for all your products. Technically advanced, efficient and visually attractive. Executed in the colours to you like and printed to your specifications.

Gefken suitcases: ideal in transport

Gefken offers suitcases that are extremely suited for any kind of form of transport. From equipment to packing and sending valuable semis, Gefken suitcases are ideal. Depending on the size, number, weight and way of transport, we offer a solution. In consultation we will decide the base of your custom made solution.

The endless possibilities of Gefken

Just like you, Gefken prefers to think in possibilities rather than in impossibilities, whether you choose a flightcase, a presentation suitcase or a trolley as your solution. That is why we produce almost all of our suitcases, flightcases, wrapping- or transport suitcases ourselves. Our extensive program offers solutions for every industry and every application.

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