1 may 2015

The first Babboe cargo bike conquered the Netherlands in 2007. The Babboe Big gave affordable quality a face in all cities. Thanks to the Babboe pioneers, Babboe was able to improve their original model quickly. When the number of different cargo bikes was expanded and the design for the newest model, Babboe City Cargo began, Babboe approached Suitcase Factory Gefken.

This new model was based on the Babboe City, but has a firm and closable container. This firm container is a so-called flightcase; to be exact, a G2 Flightcase made by Gefken. This means that it can take a beating, it is finished precisely and with great quality and it has a capacity of 80 kilograms. The Babboe City Cargo is available in a normal and an electric edition. For more information please go to www.babboe.nl.