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ING_LogoING Commercial Finance: ‘Gefken really thinks along and delivers fast and on time.’

ING Commercial Finance offers financing of working capital and credit management services. The client often finds the implementation process of a financing very complex. By informing the client on time about the next steps of the financing and by clearly presenting the contractual documents in a suitcase, we are able to explain this complex process easily.

The full-colour print on the inner side of the suitcase, the custom made milled foam interior on the bottom and the print on the outside of the suitcase, give the suitcase an extraordinary look.

Gefken is able to deliver a high quality, custom made product. Furthermore, Gefken really thinks along and delivers fast and on time. Our experience with Gefken is nothing but positive.

Tjalle Kuijt
Manager Marketing & Sales Development
ING Commercial Finance

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