Keune Haircosmetics

Keune Haircosmetics: ‘Excellent service and guidance of Gefken.’

Keune Haiscosmetics is the biggest Dutch producer of hair care products for the hairdressing industry. Founded in 1922 by Jan Keune – one of the founding fathers of the perm treatment – Keune Haircosmetics has grown to a multinational that is specialized in high quality professional hair cosmetics for the hairdressing industry.

Our sales employees use presentation suitcases for the worldwide (re)introductions of our hair care products at hairdressers. These suitcases were custom made for us by Suitcase Factory Gefken and have a cosmetic look and a nice interior.

The reason we keep choosing for Gefken are our great experiences with former projects and their excellent service and guidance.

Ton Broeckx
International Marketing Manager
Keune Haircosmetics

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Main office:
Kofferfabriek GEFKEN b.v.

Donau 100
2491 BC Den Haag
T: +31(0)70 444 26 61
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