RB_logo_cmykRabobank: ‘Quickly Gefken seemed able to translate our personal wishes’

Rabobank IJsseldelta has 250 employees in the area of Zwolle and works by the principle of Smart Working.

We were looking for an ergonomic an esthetically pretty solution to store our personal stuff. Our employees work by the principle of Smart Working, that means that they determine where, when and with who they will achieve the best result. Mostly this happens digitally, but our employees have the need to store and transport their belongings.

Together with Gefken we developed three models of ‘flex suitcases’ in four different colour schemes which looks very nice. The employee stores their personal belongings in the suitcase and they can bring it to home, a client or and other settlings. At our head quarters they can store their suitcases in a locker.

Our experiences with Gefken are really good. The product was delivered quickly while amendments were still possible at the last moment. Our contact person was very motivated to offer us the best solution and kept on putting the customer first.

Roelof Blokzijl
Senior Facilitair Medewerker
Rabobank IJsseldelta

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