Van Gogh Museum

Van Gogh Museum: ‘Gefken suitcases brought our product to a higher level.’

The Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam introduced the reproductions of Vincent van Goghs masterpieces in the summer of 2013. These reproductions, named ‘Relievo’, are so high quality that they are almost equal to the original work.

We were looking for a representative, good, safe and custom made packing for these Relievo’s. It had to be a casing that suited the atmosphere of the product. The suitcases also had to be custom made for the Relievo’s, each with a different interior based on the frame.

We chose for Gefken because of their enthusiasm, pricing and commitment to their delivery times. The suitcases were high quality and were very much appreciated by the recipients. On top of that, the suitcases made it very easy to pack our valuable products.

Gefken suitcases brought our product to a higher level and finish the atmosphere with style.

Melchert Zwetsman
Van Gogh Museum

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