August 20, 2013

In 2009, Gefken introduced the G2 Flightcase, a Flightcase with aluminum profile and sheet material that are glued together. G2 Flightcases proved to be of very usefull to the professional market, immediately after the introduction. Finally, a Flightcase with a very high finish which great attention to detail and no (visual and functional) annoying pop rivets on the profiles are used. Suitcase factory Gefken has made tremendous achievements in the medical, audio visual, industrial and pharmaceutical with the G2 Flightcases.

Already at the introduction of the G2 Flightcase, the Slimlid was also presented. The Slimlid is an extremely thin cover of less than a centimeter. Previously, the lids of Flightcases were much higher and these were often filled with thick layers of foam. Very expensive, often unnecessary and furthermore the Flightcases were larger than necessary and therefore also heavier and therefore more expensive to transport.

Meanwhile, Gefken extended the cleverness of the Slimlid of the G2 Flightcases with in-house developed steel ball corners and hinges. Again two more innovations of Gefken, which allows the G2 flightcases with the Slimlid to be suitable for an even bigger audience.
To produce compact and light weighted Flightcases, more and more suitcase factories choose common plastic honeycomb plate instead of the traditional birch plywood. This material is very strong, but is about half of the weight of the traditional birch plywood with a HPL top layer. Therefore, this leads to enormous weight savings and by our specially developed procedur, it is also possible by means of bonding instead of rivets. So if you choose this material, you choose a clean finish with no rivets in aluminum profiles.