January 1, 2016

As a total supplier of suitcases and Flightcases, Gefken received more and more demand for waterproof plastic cases. In order to satisfy this demand, we have been working hard behind the scenes in recent months to be able to add another new addition to the range. In these months, we have spoken frequently with several manufacturers of these water- and dust-proof cases. Ultimately, based on price-quality ratios, we have chosen for the plastic cases of Sentine. These cases are made by the US company Gemstar Manufacturing.

Sentinel’s plastic cases have proven their durability during military operations and research in inhospitable areas. Sentinel’s cases provide an optimal balance between strength and weight. Moreover, they are air-, water- and dustproof, according to international standards MIL-810, IP67 and ATA300.

Thanks to Gefken’s customization, the interiors of the Sentinel suitcases tune in to any situation. From sensitive electronics to rugged toolkits, antistatic to chemical resistant foams, machined or punched.