8 August 2014

The past few months Suitcase Factory Gefken worked hard on the development of a very luxurious edition of our known custom-made suitcases. This new line, Gefken Plus, was already a huge success before it’s official introduction and now its irreplaceable from our growing portfolio. In May, a transparent Gefken Plus suitcase was used in an edition of Vogue Magazine India and we got to deliver the beautiful Gefken Plus suitcases to various customers.

The Gefken Plus series is known by the use of very high quality materials. The lop layer of the big surfaces is always made from HPL, a hard top layer that is available in different luxurious editions. For example in matte, brushed or ribbed aluminum, a wooden look, or a uni colour in matte, polished or beautiful structure.

To give the suitcase a look that is even more luxurious, the Gefken Plus series is equipped as standard with luxurious matte, chromed, steel corners. These corners are perfectly matched with the white anodized aluminum profiles, the luxurious aluminum handle and the luxurious locks and hinges that are also made of chrome. The Gefken Plus series is also available in a luxurious black edition with black anodized profiles and black steel corners. The handle, luxurious locks and hinges can also be executed in black.

Like all of our products, the Gefken Plus suitcases are also custom made and have a custom made print and interior. Of course we will think along to get to the wanted results. It is also possible, at additional costs, to deliver the corners in a different colour to get an even more unique and recognizable product.