January 15, 2013

In contrast to the current flex office suitcases, old flex suitcases have been mostly very sober, usually in gray or aluminum. Gefken has broken this ‘standard’ and provided the market with a whole new range of possibilities. Suitcases with a wood decor, a high gloss topcoat or even the same finish as your office furniture? It’s all possible now.

Another innovation are the four casters. Until now, all the flex suitcases with trolley system had two fixed wheels and the suitcase always needed to be tilted in order to wheel him. Now, the four casters enable you to wheel the suitcase without tilting it. Of course you can still pull the flex suitcase with the two wheels the old way.
Besides innovations for the “regular” flex case, we also have developed a more innovative product. For some time, we already had a complete mobile workstation with multiple drawers, but now we have a version that that reminds people of a luxurious pedestal. Albeit one with a padded seat and brilliant stainless steel bracket, allowing an even more enjoyable brief consultation with a colleague.
All of these new products will be shown for the first time at the Trade show Facility from 16 to January 18, 2013 at the booth of De Vos Ergonomics.