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Suitcase factory Gefken translates needs into customized solutions

Gefken’s solutions are completely customized and match your needs. Therefore, we start each job with a personal conversation in which you can express your wishes and specifications. We use our experience and expertise to achieve the best possible solution. To make your choice easy, we have divided our product range into a number of product groups. These product groups represent some basic characteristics. Thanks to this subdivision, you are able to quickly see which box best suits the soluition you are looking for.

Choose easily with our product program

At Gefken we have an extensive product range, which can be divided into two groups:

⦁ Suitcases on the basis of aluminium profiles.
⦁ Suitcases based on plastics.

We can produce the suitcases on the basis of the aluminium profiles in any format. In the synthetic cases we are bound to a number of standard sizes. All our suitcases are always completely customized.

Possibilities of customization

Gefken Cases’ products are versatile in progress:

  • Robustsheet materialswhichcan be provided witha plastic film, HPLorfull color printing.
  • Countless possibilities in case fittings as lockable locks with a key or combination lock.
  • Wide variety ofhingesolutions andother attachment, thinking for exampleanodizedaluminum
  • Availableas atrolleywithretractable handle.
  • Customized interiors made of foam, plastic, wood or other materials.

Gefken Cases is happy give you advise on the best solution.

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