Gefken Cases, customized solutions starting from one piece

Gefken Cases offers a range of flexible options. Our cases are custom made to match all of your wishes, whether it is one product or several thousands.

Gefken Cases’ cases work for you

At Gefken Cases, you can choose for a Gefken Basic, a professional customized case, or a Gefken Plus, the more luxurious version. Thanks to our customization, our products perfectly support your way of traveling, working and transporting. Gefken Cases’ customization provides the ultimate solution.

Also a leading party in plastic suitcases

In addition to the aluminum cases, Gefken Cases also has two more brands of plastic cases. Using the name Sentinel, we provide robust plastic cases, which include compliance with internationally accepted specifications regarding water tightness. We offer plastic cases at competitive prices, ideal as promotional material: The Economy Line cases.


Think, together with Gefken Cases, in opportunities! Contact us and discover that almost anything is possible.