GefkenPlus including a luxurious and exclusive look

GefkenPlus suitcases are luxurious and exclusive and made to your wishes. Choose matt chrome, steel corners combined with white anodized aluminium profiles for example. Or choose black, steel corners combined with black aluminium profiles and black, plastic suitcase corners. What your choice may be, the GefkenPlus is a suitcase to show off.

Outstanding designs

GefkenPlus has a hard HPL top coat and is available in various luxurious structures and colours. We have HPL’s with a polished coating or with a ribbed structure and wooden looks. The suitcase with matt chrome corners can be combined with a luxurious, aluminium handle and matt chrome, luxurious sealable locks. The version with black, steel corners combine with a luxurious, black plastic handle and sealable locks is an outstanding alternative.

Custom madePlus

GefkenPlus is custom made and can be printed to your wishes and can be executed with a lanyard or as a trolley. Of course the interior and measurements can be executed to your wishes, like almost all of our products.


GefkenPlus offers you the possibility to show the look of your company on your suitcase. Choose a more luxurious edition with a top coat with structure or a wooden look.