Customized interiors

Gefken interiors. Versatile customization.

All our suitcases, plastic cases and flightcases are carried out with customized interiors. We produce these interiors with the aid of foam, plastic, aluminum, wood, expanded polypropylene (EPP) or other materials.

Versatile foam

Gefken offers various types of foam. This way, you always get the best solution for your specific product. Will it be hard or soft foam or even an anti-static foam? We are more than happy to give you a personal advice. Then, everything is custom-made by means of various techniques, such as CNC milling, punching or water jet cutting.

Suitable plastic

Plastic offers many options for suitcase interiors. Plastic panels may be used as dividers. But also vacuum-formed plastics can be used as adequate interiors.

Strong aluminium.

Aluminium is often a perfect solution as material for suitcase interiors. Especially when the suitcase is continuously exposed to intense external factors. We produce suitcases with a matching aluminum interior, for example by means of laser cutting, setting and powder coating.


Because Gefken will not shy away from challenges, the feasibility of any other type of interior can be tested. For example, expanded polypropylene (EPP). Gefken makes almost anything possible, because of the modern machinery combined with the many specialized partners. Do you have special aesthetic requirements? Please let us know and contact us.