Gefken Flightcases. Custom made sturdily.

Gefken flightcases are the best solution for everyone who wants to transport extraordinary stuff as air cargo for example, like advanced medical equipment or valuable and vulnerable products. But the Gefken flightcases ar also perfect for service mechanics or for industrial activities. They keep your (technical) equipment in perfect condition. Gefken offers two types of flightcases:

G2 Flightcase
G2 Flightcase light

Innovative interiors

The interiors are developed and produced bij Gefken. For example in a wooden, aluminium, foam or plastic edition. We are able to implement GPS is your suitcase, so you always know the location of your valuable stuff. Custom made, in an innovative way.


Gefken is happy to advise you when you’re choosing the right type of flight case. Ask for more information, non-commital.