G2 Flightcases Light

Robust customization. G2 Flightcases Light.

The G2 Flightcase Light is, as its name suggets, the lighter variant of the G2 Flight Case. If you want a robust package but the G2 Flightcase is too heavy to transport, the G2 Flight Case Light is the best alternative. The G2 Flightcase Light is sturdy, convenient to load and unload of a van or transportation in the cargo hold of an aircraft. Execution capabilities of the G2 Flightcase Light ⦁ Substrate 5 mm MDF with a top layer of HPL in solid colors or customized with honeycomb panels to reduce weight. ⦁ Interieurmogelijkheden onder andere hout, schuim, aluminium of kunststof. ⦁ Interior possibilities, including wood, foam, aluminum or plastic. ⦁ Available as trolley with retractable handle, or with swivel or fixed castors.


G2 Light is very suitable for your technical staff, such as engineers to print coupons from the integrated laptop and printer in the suitcase. Ask the specialists of Gefken for all possibilities.