Gefken Services

Sawing, milling and laminating. To the tenth of a millimeter.

Gefken has a highly modern machinery. Computer-controlled saws, CNC milling machines to a laminatestreet with a huge capacity. Because of this, we are not only able to produce our own suitcases and flightcases, but also other products. With cutting, shaping and laminate work which is accurate to the tenth of a millimeter.

Gefken Services likes to perform your ideas

We can ennoble different board materials, process and bond it with other materials. A few examples:
• Laminating sheet for partitions, walls and furniture exhibition panels.
• The milling of foam, wood, plastic, aluminum and other materials. Moreover, we can sheet material with everything that is in lamination on a roll. After this operation, we can bring the sheet with a CNC milling machine and at any size. Whether or not provided with recesses or a special form.

Watch videos and technical data

• Laminatestreet
• CNC milling machine
• CNC beam saw


Do you have a semi-finished or finished product that perfectly matches our machinery, please contact us. We would like to get in contact with you.