Sentinel, designed for intensive use.

Sentinel’s plastic suitcases have already proven their durability during military operations and research in inhospitable areas. Sentinel’s suitcases provide an optimal balance between strength and weight. Moreover, they are air, water en dustproof, according to international standards MIL-819, IP67 and ATA300.

Strong on the outside, customized on the inside

Thanks to Gefken’s customization, the interior’s of Sentinel suitcases tune in with any situation. Gefken has it all: sensitive electronics, rugged toolkits, antistatic to chemical resistants foams, machined or punched.

Distinctive Sentinel.

⦁ Air, water and dustproof (MIL-810, IP67 en ATA300).
⦁ Automatic pressure relief valve (standard).
⦁ Available in various sizes, with and without trolley.
⦁ Many interior features such as removable trays.


The plastic cases of Gefken give you additional choice possibility. Do you want more information or advice? Please contact us.