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Gefken follows all technical developments. New machines, new possibilities; we don’t miss anything.BEk0uKnCEAAsd_M That is why we continuously work on innovations, like suitcases with GPS, RFID, solar cell technology and biometry. We research and develop applications for these new innovations. We also develop suitcases as an answer to questions from the market, like the introduction of the G2 Flightcase and its smart Slimlid from 2009. We also introduces the GefkenPlus and the G2 Flightcase Light in this thought.

We innovate together.

Gefken develops new applications for specialized and high quality systems together with partners that are active in this field. These collaborations have already leaded to extraordinary solutions.

Just some innovations from the past.

Flightcase with GPS. Ideal for rental companies for audio and video equipment: a flightcase with a hidden GPS system that can stay active for six months without charging the battery. A handy solution in terms of logistics and to prevent theft.
Suitcase with biometry. For a Swiss partner, Gefken developed an extraordinary suitcase with biometric technology. With this suitcase, access passes with biometric information can be given and checked on a high level of security. A project that is very successful internationally.
Smart suitcase. A suitcase with sensors that are in touch with a smartphone so you are able to follow the suitcase? And that gives a notification to the smartphone when the suitcase is about to cross the tracking border? Gefken built such a suitcase. A suitcase that also notifies who opened the suitcase and where they opened it. Ideal for transporting valuable products or privacy-sensitive documents.
LED suitcase. For one of our relations we developed a GefkenPlus suitcase with LED lighting to create a higher attention level during presentations.


Is your company looking for a solution for extraordinary applications? Are you developing new techniques? Gefken is happy to discuss the possible innovative applications and make them a success. Interested in an appointment?

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