G2 Flightcases Light

The G2 Flightcases Light are, as their name suggests, the lighter variant of the traditional flight cases. If you want robust flight cases with a lighter specification, the G2 Flightcases Light are a great alternative. The G2 Flightcases Light are robust and afford good protection of your products during transport.

G2 Flightcases. Robust customization.

The G2 Flightcases Light have 5 mm MDF as base material. The top layer is HPL, as with traditional flight cases. Do you want to save weight? Then we use lightweight plastic honeycomb boards. As with traditional flight cases, we finish with built-in locks, hinges and handles. On request, this can also be done with surface mounting hardware, which is sufficient for many applications and is also more economical. The G2 Flightcases Light are also available as a trolley with a pull-out handle, or with the well-known blue swivel or fixed wheels.

From soil probe to milk frothing machine.

The G2 Flightcases Light have already more than proved their worth. Not only as packaging for earthenware shipped worldwide, but also as packaging for reverse logistics at a well-known electronics chain and manufacturer of milk foam machines. With the G2 Flightcases Light you have a reliable and durable packaging that protects your products.

Gefken | G2 Flightcases Light
Gefken | G2 Flightcases Light
Gefken | G2 Flightcases Light