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Gefken Cases: the reliable partner for the medical sector

Packing medical equipment in tailor-made cases and flight cases. It sounds simple, but with such fragile equipment, there is a lot involved. In addition to functionality and safe transportation, you want packaging that will take the product to the next level. The cases and flight cases should be an extension of the product itself. This applies to every product in every sector, including the medical industry. 

Custom cases for medical purposes

The medical sector lives on innovation. Every analysis, development and study is about improvement. As a result, many different products developed for a specific purpose are appearing in the market for this sector. The enormous amount of work put into such specific products means every detail matters. The cases used for packing the medical devices and products are no exception. Gefken Cases have been active in this sector for many years in supplying these specific custom cases. This includes packaging, transport and presentation of medical equipment. 

Rods&Cones and Gefken Cases: efficiency in a case

Connectivity is key in all sectors. Through their many years of work experience in the medical sector, the founders of Rods&Cones have seen that surgical assistance can be made more efficient. So the Rods&Cones company was created with a very clear goal: to connect medical professionals around the world. This means everyone has access to first-rate medical skills, expertise and advice — no matter where they are.

Rods&Cones is a leading innovator for remote access in the operating room. Rods&Cones technology provides a complete overview of the operating room in a portable solution that fits into a single case. It can be easily moved between ORs and even hospitals. By combining purpose-built software and advanced hardware, including state-of-the-art smart glasses, Rods&Cones is changing operating procedures worldwide.

Smart glasses have been adapted for operating rooms using specifically developed software. Remote surgical assistance through a live connection is now possible. And an industry-groundbreaking product like this deserves no less than the best cases on the market.

They were led to Gefken Cases through a contact. During an initial introductory meeting, the requirements of Rods&Cones were discussed and the collaboration took effect. The team of specialists ensured that the product team was fully involved in the process. The Gefken Cases factory is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and an engineering team that works with extensive 3D renders. This enables them to offer solutions that flawlessly meet the requirements of Rods&Cones. The specialists have guided Rods&Cones in the development of these cases.

By means of this innovative collaboration, the product now has a special custom case that coordinates with the product and is seen as an extension of it. The high-tech components are safe and secure. Various parts are also charged from the case. Thanks to the full colour visual with clear instructions inside the lid of each case, it’s easy to return all parts to their own locations.

A creative solution for every problem

One of the special features of this case is the ventilation system. The reason is that the equipment in the case is charged inside the case. This causes the parts to become very hot in there. Gefken’s engineers have devised a solution for this. Both sides of the case have stainless steel ventilation grilles with fans mounted inside. Together they create an airflow that allows cool air to be sucked into the case while warm air is blown out. This airflow passes through a tunnel in the interior of the case, where all parts such as power supplies and adaptors that can become warm during charging are connected. The first test models worked perfectly apart from one issue. The fans were too noisy. Quiet fans are needed when the cases are stored in the outpatient clinic. Fortunately, the response to this problem was rapid. Special super-quiet fans are now used in the cases. The surgeons are not disturbed by the noise and the cases are always within reach.
The products inside the case are arranged so that the parts to be cooled sit next to the parts that are not cooled, all in their correct locations. Laser engraving in the interior indicates where each product fits in the cases. The entire interior space is put to optimal use. In this way, the product and the case become one integrated whole.
Jan Dheedene – “Gefken is a company that listens. You’re definitely dealing with professionals here.”

Safe and professional throughout the world

The case has become an indispensable component of medical smart glasses. The complete professional combination is sent all over the world. This means the cases also need to be able to withstand rough treatment. Gefken Cases has taken care of this as well.

Rods&Cones were pleased with the design and development process through Gefken Cases and now order the cases in larger production runs. “It’s nice to have a single point of contact. Gefken Cases is clearly a professional company and has shown us just how much is possible!”

MolGen with Gefken cases: A laboratory in a case

MolGen provides complete solutions in the field of innovative DNA/RNA extraction systems, products, consumables and kits for the human, animal, agricultural and biotech industries. This expertise underlies MolGen’s involvement in projects such as setup and supply for COVID-19 test lanes. In addition to supplying large systems and chemicals, MolGen supplies laboratory products that improve speed and precision in the work process. One of these products is the LabTIE dispenser, which can quickly and easily dispense powders, beads, and seeds into a wide variety of plates. These products can be fragile and consist of numerous parts. They were previously sent in boxes that were not exactly the right size. This left the parts at risk of movement and damage. A custom solution was the logical choice.

This collaboration has been a resounding success. The MolGen team is highly satisfied with the Gefken Cases specialists. They now need to order batches of cases in substantial quantities. The case and product can no longer be designed separately.

Fast responses to questions, fair prices and short delivery times have also been noted by the team at MolGen. “They really listen to our needs and the input is very valuable,” says Ellen van MolGen. “The end result speaks for itself! Our product is now integrated with the cases to form one complete professional unit, which is easy to expand further. We have received positive responses to the whole package from a number of our customers.” A collaboration to be proud of. And a tip for Gefken Cases from Ellen: “Keep listening and just carry on as you are already!”


Simendo with Gefken Cases: Learning from the flight case

A customer of Gefken Cases who is also active in the medical sector, though with a completely different product, is Simendo. The company develops and manufactures simulators for training in the skills required for Minimally Invasive Surgery. This is a technique frequently practised by surgeons, gynaecologists, urologists and orthopaedic surgeons. These training simulators are highly complex machines. Custom flight cases for this equipment were therefore essential. Gefken Cases met Simendo’s needs for this job faultlessly.

The equipment, shipped all over the world, is fairly heavy and includes cabling and numerous other components. Through one-on-one contact with one of the specialists at Gefken Cases, all these aspects have been functionally incorporated into the design. The non-protruding wheels integrated into the flight case make it easy to transport. All cables required for these devices have been given their own specially devised location. They are less susceptible to damage in this way and last many times longer. Gefken Cases has custom designed two different flight cases for the two types of simulators. The height of the flight cases has been considered in this process. The flight cases are designed to ensure that the training simulators are at working height when placed on the flight cases. A simple way to keep the training room as sleek and streamlined as possible.

These custom solutions are purchased in regular batches each year now that they have been fully designed and developed according to the customer’s needs. Simendo and Gefken Cases have been working together for years and the collaboration continues to run smoothly. There are no transfers to different departments. Clear and fair agreements are drawn up and observed.

Will you bring us the next challenge?

These three different examples represent only a fraction of what Gefken Cases can do for you. And the medical sector is just one of the many sectors where Gefken Cases cases are found. Have an interesting challenge for a product or installation that also deserves a case? Sit down with our specialists and Gefken Cases will take care of the rest!