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Gefken's 5 Best Cases

Challenge us! This is what Gefken likes to pass on to its customers. We’ve already been able to create a case for the most challenging products. And we’ve already answered the most diverse questions with our smart tailor-made solutions for transporting, presenting, or packaging products. Curious about our creations? We have listed a number of special projects for you.



GeeGee Gaming – Gaming Case

Design a high-end case with an integrated game console and gaming monitor so that you can play on your favourite game console whenever and wherever you want.

This case is a must-have for the avid gamers among us. The case is specifically made for gaming on the go or when travelling.

The design features a custom black powder-coated aluminium interior for the game console, fully protected against impact. In addition to the console, there is also space in the foam interior to hold two controllers firmly in place.

The Gaming Case is a modified version of Gefken’s EDGE case. The raised lid, using a vacuum-formed plastic part, is equipped with a special gaming monitor connected to the game console. A luxury case for the best fun on the go.

Curious? Watch the video here!

Turtle – Climate Cabinet 

How do you transport entire art collections vibration-free and free from temperature and humidity fluctuations?

The Climate Cabinet is one of Gefken’s most special transport cases in the portfolio. The case has been designed in collaboration with and for Turtle , the most safe, innovative and sustainable climate box in the world since 1994. One of the most renowned art transporters in the world, Hizkia van Kralingen, was looking for the most fitting solution to transport a very special art collection. When moving such collections, it is very important to make this journey as smooth as possible. Even the smallest vibrations can cause a lot of damage. For this reason, the customer called in an independent shock and vibration expert and Gefken Cases. Together, the two designed an insulated means of transport that ensures that collections are not damaged by vibrations and external temperature and humidity fluctuations.

From (co-)engineering to production

The Wire Rope Isolators on the steel construction absorb the vibrations before they reach the artworks in the Climate Cabinet. By incorporating special insulation panels in the walls, the works are also protected against fluctuations in temperature and humidity. This is a perfect example of a Special engineering solution and what Gefken offers. Gefken has a specialized team of engineers who are happy to work with you and your experts on the most diverse packaging issues.

Eddie – Mobile Filming Kit

Eddie is a web app that allows users to create professional videos through co-creation. The user films something, and Eddie edits the footage. How do you pack all the necessities for a mobile filming kit in a catchy case?

Created to fit the house style, from screen printing to full colour and laser engraving

The products in the mobile filming kit are kept safe, and the exact composition may change in the future. That’s why it was decided not to make a foam interior with product-specific recesses in the case. However, a striking case in Eddie’s house style has been chosen. Eddie’s Gadget Pack, as the case with contents is now called, has a striking look with its QR code printed in the lid for instructions and a laser engraving with ‘you film, we edit, you steal the show’ in the foam on the bottom.

With these custom-made CUBE cases , we show that distinctive customisation can be affordable.

Would you like to see the production of these eye-catchers? We at Gefken Cases filmed it, and Eddie edited it. View the result here!

Gefken cases presentatiekoffer limited edition

Limited Edition Sneaker Display 

One of the gems from Gefken’s portfolio is the limited edition sneaker display. It was specially designed so that these unique sneakers are presented in the best possible way during a well-known fashion week.

This unique G2 Flightcase Light is a limited edition in every way. Black profiles, black powder-coated steel corners and printed acrylic panels make it a unique flight case for a series of limited-edition sneakers. The acrylic panels are printed with white rings that provide a particularly luxurious effect. Together with a completely black frame, this is a real eye-catcher.

Gefken made this collector’s item for the real sneakerheads together with creative agency …, Staat for a well-known sports brand.

Vimec – Packaging of high-quality parts

Vimec Applied Vision Technology is the market leader in inspection and monitoring solutions for the global pharmaceutical glass packaging industry. An essential and very precisely produced part of these inspection and monitoring solutions is the Rotowheel. The Rotowheel is used to take the products off the line and bring them into the inspection position. How do you pack these Rotowheels individually in a universal sustainable case while the diameter and thickness constantly change?

Universal product fixation for unique products

The Rotowheel is available in many sizes, but the diameter and thickness differ for each disc. Vimec wants a universal case that works for all rotowheels. All rotowheels have three holes according to a fixed pattern so that they can be attached to the machines.

The case management experts at Gefken Cases developed a Gefken Basic with a mounting point in the middle on which each Rotowheel can be mounted using the same bolts as those used to mount it in the machine. Meaning there was no need for additional mounting materials or an excessive number of different variants.

There is space for the test certificate on the inside of the lid. The outside of the lid has a full-colour print to continue in the Vimec house style.


One aspect of these five cases is clear. Gefken Cases does not shy away from a challenge. So do you need a special case that matches your product? Get in touch with one of the Gefken specialists and discover the possibilities. No case too difficult!