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Bespoke possibilities from start to finish

Present your products in a special, made-to-measure presentation case that reflects your corporate identity. Ever thought about it? How are your reps currently carrying the products? Packed in a styrofoam box to prevent damage? Or in an oversized case with some bubble wrap so things don’t move around?

Gefken Cases has a better solution: a customised presentation case! Our specialists sit down with you to design a customised and functional presentation case for your product or organisation. Equip your sales team with the right sales tools and better showcase your products with help from the Gefken Cases team!

Seeing means buying

We know: seeing means buying. A presentation case that reflects your corporate identity immediately sets the tone. The product instantly attracts attention. To say nothing of when the case is opened. There is no better way to start!

A complete made-to-measure presentation case, inside and out

We see to it that the inside matches the outside in terms of both look and quality. In a presentation case with a custom interior, your product stays fully protected and in its place. The case prevents items from moving around, meaning your products stay safe and secure. So you can be sure that when you’re at the customer’s place of business and open the case, everything is in its place.

Professional from the word go

It’s a simple fact: a professional look impresses. Since it is the staff of dealers or resellers who will be working with the cases holding your products, differentiating yourself from your competitors with a distinct presentation case is a wise move. It also makes it easier to be a dealer’s preferred supplier when that dealer has competing products in the same range. Make it easier for your dealers by presenting your products in a user-friendly way.

More than just a made-to-measure case

We at Gefken Cases go further than just made-to-measure cases. We elevate customisation to new levels.

Not only do we want you to have the right presentation case with the right look that matches your product or organisation, we also want it to be functional. And we take this to the ultimate expression. For example, a complete system can be integrated into the case or flightcase.

Which is what we did for Garmin. The case contains a charging system, so products can be charged between visits and charged at the customer’s place of business before presentation.

Are you a manufacturer of alarm systems, lighting, or other products that need a power supply for your presentation? We make it so that you can give a demonstration of your system from the case. This is done by integrating your system into the case.

But Gefken Cases doesn’t just work with electrical products and systems. A presentation case is an asset to sales pitches for a lot of other products. Take, for example, the home or beauty sector. With a custom presentation case for your samples or demo kits, you differentiate yourself from your competitors when they are presented to the customer side by side.

The options are endless! We work with a diverse range of products and shapes. No matter your needs, we’ll be happy to meet the challenge!

Standing still is going backwards

At Gefken Cases, we never stand still. We develop and innovate. We know it’s tough now to drop by a customer’s place of business and present your product in person. Our solution: the video module. It’s a small screen on the inside of the case with images and sound. A simple design with a huge impact.

Functions of the video module with a custom presentation case: 

  • The module automatically plays when the case is opened 
  • Charging is easy and the module lasts a long time without recharging 
  • The module can be connected to your laptop and another video shown
  • The module is an easy-to-use touchscreen 
  • The case presents itself! This keeps you in control of the product presentation and ensures that you demonstrates the products USPs to the dealer.

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Made in Holland!

Your presentation case is completely conceived, designed, and sketched in 3D by the Gefken Cases team. The entire production process takes place in our factory in the Netherlands. This allows us to ensure quality and short delivery times. Each department has its own creative specialists to ensure the highest quality presentation case.

No case too difficult

We want to make one thing clear: no project is too out there for us! Special products require special presentations. But where, exactly, should you start? We can also help you with that. The most important thing to remember is that we love a good challenge!

So get in touch and tell us what we can help you with. You’re more than welcome to speak with any one of our creative specialists. Together, we’ll help you in your search for the optimal tailor-made presentation case.

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