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Video in your presentation case

Video content is gaining in popularity and more organizations are choosing to use video for marketing purposes. On the website, on social media, but also at sales pitches from a tablet or laptop. A picture is worth a thousand words, but a video is worth a thousand pictures. The amount of available video content within an organization is therefore growing enormously. A company video for a general impression, an instruction film for a specific product, or a promotional video in which applications of a product are nicely combined with atmospheric images that strengthen the brand. Video is hot!

10 inch video screen

It is precisely for this reason that we have developed a 10 inch video screen for our presentation cases. Not just any screen, but a handy very compact stand-alone touchscreen video module that automatically starts playing when you open the case! The integrated rechargeable battery ensures that this can be done without recharging for weeks, even with daily use. With the touchscreen buttons you can pause the video, go to the next or previous video, or adjust the volume. Is the battery almost empty or do you want to place a new video on the video module? Connect the module to your laptop or PC with the supplied cable and it is done in no time.

Despite the image diameter being no less than 25 centimeters, the total video module is smaller than an A4 and only one centimeter thick. This makes it easy to integrate the video module into almost any lid of a case. Often, products that are physically presented to a customer come in a foam interior in the bottom of the case. Isn’t it great that if you open the case during a sales pitch, the customer can hold the physical products and in the meantime immediately see product characteristics, your unique selling points or applications and atmospheric images on the video screen that is seamlessly integrated into the lid of the presentation case.

Video content

This way, the video content ensures that the story behind your company, the USP’s of your products, the atmosphere in which your products come into their own and the applications of your products are conveyed exactly as you have in mind. Dealers, resellers and representatives of your products are thus optimally supported in conveying your carefully constructed image and customer benefits of your products during their sales calls. But even without a one-on-one sales call, the presentation case with a video module can be of enormous added value. The case can be delivered to or left at a potential customer who can determine the appropriate moment to view the content with accompanying video.

Where in the past we often used the lid in our presentation cases for a full color visual, for example a product picture or an application of the product, the video module is rapidly gaining ground. The foam interior in the bottom of the case is easy to replace for another one and because you can also easily provide the video module with a different video, the case can be used for multiple product lines or introductions.

We are well aware that not all companies have the right video content on the shelf, but a Powerpoint presentation saved as MP4 may be sufficient to start with. In case you want a professionally edited video but don’t know where to start? Especially for our customers we have a partnership with Inhousefilming. They offer professionally edited video content for your presentation case similar to this one from € 349 only*.

Would you like more information or would you like to discuss the possibilities with us? Contact us and we will be happy to tell you more about it.

*We offer special rates in combination with our video module cases