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Stand out with the EDGE. Whatever you want to present, with the EDGE you will show your products professionally and distinctively to your potential clients.

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Gefken Cases

Customized cases for extraordinary solutions

Suitcases, flight cases and folders. Gefken Cases in the Hague delivers tailored solutions. Since 1959, Gefken Cases has grown into a true specialist in the field of tailor-made suitcases, flight cases and folders. From concept to production.

Gefken – The case of Gefken


Gefken Cases offers a wide variety of flexible possibilities. The cases are tailor-made to fully meet your wishes. Whether it is one single product or thousands.


Gefken Cases offers two series tailor-made flight cases. Both series are characterised by their robust designs and unprecedented possibilities in custom solutions.

Plastic suitcases

Gefken Cases offers two types of plastic suitcases. Robust and waterproof cases that meet the international standards, like the IP67, and cheaper and lighter plastic suitcases. Both types are available with a custom interior.

Customized interiors

Every suitcase, plastic suitcase and flight case is delivered with a tailor-made interior. We produce these interiors with foam, plastic, aluminium, wood, expanded polypropylene (EEP) or other materials.

Gefken services

Gefken Cases operates state-of-the-art machinery. From computer-controlled sawing machines, CNC milling machines to laminating machines with enormous capacity. This makes it possible to produce suitcases and flight cases, and many other products.

Are you looking for customized cases for your company? Cases, for example, that can take a beating or cases that help you present your product in a unique way? Or are you looking for watertight cases including wheels? Gefken Cases provides a solution that perfectly matches your needs. We don’t handle a standard approach, but at Gefken Cases you find cases that that suit your needs completely. Our cases are customized and we are always looking for an efficient solution for your situation. A principle which hasn’t changed since 1959. Perhaps this is also the reason why Gefken Cases has grown into the European specialist in the field of aluminum and plastic presentation cases and flight cases?

Extensive options

For every solution, whether it’s a flight case, a presentation case or a trolley, Gefken Cases rather thinks in possibilities than impossibilities. Therefore, we develop and manufacture almost all our cases, flight cases and packaging or transport cases ourselves. We offer solutions for any industry and application:

  • Gefken Basic
  • GefkenPlus
  • EDGE
  • G2 Flightcases
  • G2 Flightcases Light
  • Economy Line
  • Sentinel
  • Gefken Custom Interiors
  • Gefken Services


Our ultramodern machinery enables us to offer solutions that match your needs. We invite you to meet with our specialists and find out about are our versatility. Are you interested in our services? Schedule an appointment with Gefken Cases, we are happy to help.

Gefken Cases is very versatile

If you are looking for an all-round cases company, Gefken Cases is the solution. Our possibilities range from presentation cases, flightcases, transportation cases or more, with a special foam interior to cases with an integrated GPS tracking system. We also produce presentation cases with a laptop or a USB connection including various connectors. Even cases for expensive medical equipment or cooling cases including full-color printing. Almost everything is possible at Gefken Cases!

Customized Interiors

The inside of your presentation or flightcase is just as important for Gefken Cases as the outside. Therefore, the case interior gets a lot of attention during our production process. Gefken Cases handles every part of the process itself, form design tot implementations. This is mainly the reason why we maintain our high standards and quality. Our specialists are happy to tell you more about our customized interiors.

Why choose Gefken Cases?

Gefken Cases provides solutions that perfectly match your needs and expectations. We like to think along with you, for what industry you are in, even under extreme conditions. All our products are easy and efficient to use. With a laptop, printer or other equipment installed in a Gefken Cases product, you are able to increase the output of your on-site staff. Your employees only need to open the suitcase and they can get started right away.

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