Sentinel waterproof plastic cases have proven their durability during military operations and missions in inhospitable areas. Sentinel cases offer an optimum ratio between strength, appearance and weight. In addition, they are air, water and dust tight according to international standards MIL-810, IP67 and ATA300. Sentinel cases also meet all the other specifications you would expect from such a plastic case.

Sentinel. Strong on the outside, customised on the inside.

The Sentinel cases are available in numerous sizes. Always made of plastic and always strong on the outside. But also always customised inside. Thanks to Gefken’s customization possibilities, the interior of the Sentinel cases can be tailored to any desired requirement. The Sentinel cases can also be screen printed on the outside of the lid with your logo for optimum recognition.

From biometric identifiers to maritime measuring instruments.

Sentinel cases are often used under extreme conditions in the field. Equipped with a custom interior for laptop, iris scanner, signature pad and fingerprint scanner, the cases are used as a mobile workstation to identify and register persons on the basis of biometric data. For example, the cases have already been used to register people on location when introducing a healthcare system, but also to identify people on location during elections. Whether it concerns such a mobile workplace or a waterproof packaging for maritime measuring instruments, Sentinel makes it possible.

Gefken | Sentinel
Gefken | Sentinel
Gefken | Sentinel