Every project is different. Whether it concerns cases or flight cases to package, present or transport your products, we always deliver solution-oriented custom work. We think along with you, preferably from the start. In this way, we arrive at the best solutions together. What do those solutions look like? To give you an impression of the possibilities, here are some of the projects we have recently completed. All delivered products have been created by working together with our customers from initial review up to and including production and delivery. From one or a few pieces to several thousands. From one-off orders to periodic repeat orders. Be inspired by the examples below, but above all contact us. We are happy to think along with you to package your products practically, present them uniquely or transport them safely.

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G2 Flightcase for Presentation Partner

This G2 Flightcase is custom made for a specific lens. The milled foam interior provides optimum protection during transport. This avoids transport damage and the lens can be used immediately upon arrival.

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CUBE for Heary

This custom-made case from the CUBE series is produced for a supplier of aids for the deaf and hard of hearing. The case, filled with aids, is delivered to hotels, which makes the hotel stay of deaf and hearing impaired safer.

EDGE for Gold Essence Europe

An EDGE case has always been unique, but this luxurious gold coloured presentation case is the crowning glory. The case has a luxurious, fabric-covered interior. A producer of honey with edible gold presents her unique products to her unique clientele in this distinctive way.

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Gefken Plus for 247TailorSteel

This Gefken Plus presentation case for 247TailorSteel has a milled foam interior with numerous metal samples. The sales team of 247TailorSteel can easily and professionally present all machining possibilities they have to offer with this demo case.

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Gefken Basic for Arturo

This fully black Gefken Basic suitcase has been developed for a manufacturer of cast floors. Each case contains approximately 50 floor samples, which means that the architects and designers who offer these cast floors always have the right samples within reach when talking to their customers.

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G2 Flightcase Light voor Nike (…,Staat )

This unique G2 Flightcase Light is a limited edition in every respect. Black profiles, black powder coated steel corners and printed acrylic panels make it a unique flightcase. In collaboration with creative agency …,Staat we made a collector’s item for the real sneakerheads for limited edition sneakers of a well-known sports brand. We did it.

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Sentinel for Twobillioneyes

This Sentinel case is equipped with a custom milled foam interior with space for various eye measuring equipment. The case is mainly used in African countries and the properties of the Sentinel cases are a requirement in those circumstances.

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Engineered Special for Turtle uNLtd

This G2 Flightcase can hardly be called a flight case anymore and therefore we see it as a special. Together with Turtle uNLtd we developed this unique Turtle Climate Cabinet for the transport of unique and extremely valuable works of art. Fully insulated and equipped with a steel frame with wire springs for perfect reduction of vibrations.

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EDGE for Quooker

This unique EDGE case with black powder coated profile and matt black panels is a real eye-catcher. The different finishes of this manufacturer of boiling water taps are in a foam interior with laser engraving. The video module in the lid starts automatically when the case is opened. Everyone is warmed up to this.

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Shell-Case for Seaward

Shell-Case products are manufactured from a lightweight shock-absorbing material for optimum performance and exceptional functionality. The Hybrid Case Series range consists of a number of standard sizes available from stock, can be personalised with your logo, and comes with a custom interior.

G2 Flightcase Light for Res2

This customized G2 Flightcase Light is a very special mobile workstation. When you take off the lid and plug in the socket you have a mobile check-in desk for aviation. Laptop, passport scanner and printers for luggage labels and boarding passes, this flight case has everything on board.

Sentinel for Tele Radio

If you produce products that are durable and last in the field for a long time, then you are looking for presentation cases that do the same. The Sentinel cases are water and dust proof, robust and thus connect to the wireless remote controls made by this manufacturer. The laser engraved logo in the lid completes the presentation.