G2 Flightcases

The G2 Flightcases have a robust construction that offers unprecedented possibilities for customization. The clear anodized aluminium profiles give these flight cases a more luxurious appearance than most traditional flight cases. Additionally with TU Delft, we developed a glue joint that is 22% stronger than conventional flight cases with a rivet construction.

G2 Flightcases. Make more possible.

The G2 Flightcases use 9 mm birch plywood as the panel base material. The top layer is HPL. Scratch resistant and extremely strong. Do you want to save weight? Then we use lightweight plastic honeycomb sheets for the panels. The G2 Flightcases are finished with built-in locks, hinges and handles. Do you want to be able to move the flight cases easily and make them stackable as well? Then we mount the well-known blue wheels underneath and stack the flight cases in the lid. If the application allows it, we use our specially developed smart lid which has an inner dimension of only 8 millimetres, saving space and cost.

From medical equipment to camera lenses.

We design the interior of your G2 Flightcases to suit the application. Made of wood, plastic, aluminium or foam. Our starting point is always the protection of your equipment. Whether it concerns the worldwide transport of your medical equipment or the packaging of professional broadcasting equipment, such as camera lenses or controllers; with G2 Flightcases you are assured of protection.

Gefken | G2 Flightcases
Gefken | G2 Flightcases
Gefken | G2 Flightcases