G2 Flightcases

The G2 Flightcases have a robust construction that is crucial when protecting and transporting (sensitive) equipment or products. G2 Flightcases are custom made and used in a variety of industries including medical, offshore and aerospace.

The basis of each G2 Flightcase is a framework of aluminum profiles 2 mm thick, within which we glue a sheet material of 10 mm. Often this is 9 mm Birch plywood with a scratch-resistant and durable HPL top layer. If you want to save weight, we use lightweight plastic honeycomb boards. G2 Flightcases are fitted with built-in latches, hinges and handles.

Custom Flightcases

Each G2 Flightcase is custom designed, completely tailored to the customer’s specific needs. When having a flightcase custom made, it is important to consider how it will be used and what the key requirements are. Does the flightcase need to be able to be closed in a specific way, or is a complete spring-loaded interior desired so that your products can be transported with low vibration?

Would you like to be able to move the flightcases easily and also make them stackable? Then we mount the familiar blue wheels under the G2 Flightcases and stacking plates come in the lid. If the application allows it, we use the smart lid we developed. With an inner dimension of only 8 millimeters, this lid is space- and cost-saving. This is how we make more possible with our customized flight cases.

With our own team of product engineers, industrial product designers, experts in aluminum profiles and construction possibilities, as well as our own production facility, we are able to design and manufacture the right flight cases for every product and industry.

Anodized aluminum profiles

The aluminium profiles characteristic of flight cases are silver anodized as standard with G2 Flightcases. Anodizing gives the profiles a matte, satin-like shine and protects them from scratches. In addition, it feels less rough and the aluminium no longer gives off black, which is the case with an untreated aluminum profile. In addition, the anodized profiles give the flight cases a more luxurious look.

Various colors of HPL top layer

Flightcases are often black, but the most common color used for our G2 Flightcases is light gray. This light gray top layer of HPL (High Pressure Laminate) contributes to a more refined look compared to many other flightcases. Of course, our G2 Flightcases can also be produced in other colors, including black. A specific look, logo or even full color printing is also possible so that your flightcases perfectly match your corporate identity.

Glue joint

Right from the start of the development of the G2 Flightcases, we opted for a glue connection between aluminium profiles and sheet material instead of the traditional production method with rivets. A rivet connection is not only a labor-intensive process, but there is also a sharp rivet every 10 – 15 cm on the aluminum profiles. Thanks to the G2 Flightcases’ adhesive connection, you see and feel nothing of the connection and research at the Technical University of Delft has shown that the connection is also stronger than conventional flightcases with a rivet connection.

Gefken | G2 Flightcases
Gefken | G2 Flightcases
Gefken | G2 Flightcases

Custom interior: from medical equipment to camera lenses

Not only can you have the flight case custom-made, we also design and produce the interior of G2 Flightcases to order. We use materials such as plastic, wood, aluminum and foam. Our starting point is always the sustainable protection of the contents. In addition, we strive for a practical and efficient layout of the flight cases with ease of use for the end user as the main goal. When designing custom flightcases, we at Gefken Cases therefore always work from the inside out.

We always start with designing the interior and then work outwards. This means that every flight case designed is unique, tailored to the customer’s needs. Whether transporting medical equipment worldwide or packaging professional broadcasting equipment such as camera lenses or controllers, our product engineers have extensive experience in developing flight cases for various B2B applications and industries.

We also design and manufacture flight cases for the presentation of (industrial) products or as housing for equipment that is being built in (mobility solutions/integrated systems). Do you have a nice challenge for a product or installation that you want to pack, present or transport? Then come sit down with our specialists and Gefken Cases will take care of the rest!