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The five best tips for customised packaging solutions

Putting your product in a case is important for several reasons: it contributes to the brand experience and offers good protection against damage, saving costs. But what makes a case suitable for your product? What is important in custom packaging? And when do you opt for strong packaging such as custom-made cases or flight cases? Read the five best tips for your product packaging below.

1.You should already be thinking about packaging during the design phase

Are you working on a new product? Then you may still be in the design phase without a single product prototype being produced yet. Nevertheless, it is smart to involve the packaging manufacturer in your new product at an early stage. This prevents delays, the packaging producer can work together with you throughout the process, and you can enhance the quality of your entire product experience. This also keeps the packaging budget manageable and predictable.

Gefken likes to work together with you to figure out the best production method. We adjust our packaging advice depending on the order size. Larger orders simply require different production techniques and products than smaller orders. This is how Gefken is sure always to offer a suitable solution for your products, whether your orders are large or small.

2. Provide suitable packaging

How is the packaging used? What will the content be? Who will be the user? These questions are important for determining the proper packaging. Well-coordinated packaging protects the product, helps the user, and possibly gives the entire product a little something extra. Cases and flight cases are used under the most diverse conditions: in hygienic medical areas such as an operating room to “in the field” under harsh weather conditions or in the petrochemical industry where resistance to chemicals is important. The way it will be used determines the choice of material, protection and any additional options such as insulation. Do you already have a technical drawing of your product? Then this helps in designing the packaging. Thanks to this drawing, the interior of your cases or flight cases can be seamlessly adapted to your products. Don’t have a technical drawing? Then it’s still possible to have the packaging designed based on your physical product.

3. Think from the inside out

The packaging should reinforce the product. It is wise to start with the product that will be packaged. How does it look? What are its dimensions? How much does it weigh? In which positions can the product be fastened? Which accessories does this product have? When you come to discuss your product with us, we can advise you about the possibilities and working together we can design the packaging that best fits your product. Everything is possible in terms of dimensions and design: from small cases for technical parts to the delivery of special mobile boxes for international transport. We’ll also discuss how your product might be fragile. Transporting museum art or parts for the high-tech industry requires different packaging solutions, such as special insulation or measures to eliminate vibrations during transport. Gefken has a lot of experience in packaging fragile products.

4. Match your cases or flight cases to your brand image

In addition to the practical use of packaging or flight cases, appearance also plays a role. When delivering exclusive products, the packaging contributes greatly to the brand experience. When packaging products that are used almost every day, such as magnifying glasses for doctors, measuring equipment or industrial tools, more value is attached to a robust and solid design. In short: the appearance of your packaging must match your product. Do you have some doubts about what your packaging should look like? Then a 3D design of the packaging offers a solution.

Would you like to request a quote from Gefken? We will then make a free trial 3D design so that you have an idea of what the cases or flight cases will look like.

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5. Go for sustainable packaging

Sustainability is much more than just using recyclable materials . At Gefken, we believe that sustainability should go hand in hand with quality. Because if your packaging lasts longer, this also benefits your product. The packaging quality says a lot about your product. Sustainable packaging is most important when your product is stored after every use and even when it’s being transported to maintain quality and durability.

With almost all the packaging being produced at Gefken’s Dutch location, it’s self-evident that we have an excellent understanding of production, so thinking about reusable materials is standard practice for us. Would you like to see how we do this? Please feel free to contact us for a tour of our production location.

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Whatever your packaging challenge, Gefken is happy to help. We've been making custom cases and flight cases in the Netherlands since 1959, to our customers' specifications. Would you like to know which packaging solution is suitable for your product?